Top Health Sites For Home Research

Health and wellness remain to be one of the most searched subjects on the internet every single day, while the daily search statistics seem to be increasing more than ever recently. It is important to get access to authentic information and reliable research when you are looking for health-related concerns online, but the innumerable online resources make it a bit challenging.

To make things easier, we have bundled 8 top health sites for home research for getting reliable medical and health information on the web. From online toolkits and community access to extensive research, the below websites keep it surprisingly helpful for patients, their families, as well as healthcare givers.


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is not only an internationally popular medical information platform but also one of the chief medical centers in the United States of America focusing on integrated patient care, research, and education. The official website offers detailed information about almost all health problems, diseases, and medical conditions. It lets you browse through Disease & Conditions descriptions or simply by using the Symptom Checker to characterize an illness.

One of the most notable features of Mayo Clinic is the Tests and Procedures search section which allows you to look out for possible treatment options and procedures for a condition. The extensive articles on the website are written on the basis of expert opinion and research performed by over 3300 scientists, physicians, and researchers from Mayo Clinic.  Visit Site



WebMD is a health research website with one of the largest visitor bases. Loaded with vital information on different drugs and supplements, medical news, health problems and conditions, and overall well-being as well as a healthy lifestyle, the website offers credible information through detailed articles and featured content. It also features a symptom checker, drug and supplement segments, family planner resources, and a physician directory to help health care professionals.

The website comes with a Physicians’ Blog section wherein you can check out some expert advice shared by the professionals themselves. The best thing about WebMD articles is that it keeps everything easy to read, detailed and comprehensive – the reader doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge of the subject to get an in-depth understanding of what they are looking for.  Visit Site


Medline Plus

Medline Plus is the online portal of the United States National Library of Medicine which is one of the largest medical libraries in the world with millions of books, reports, studies, and more. The official website publishes very comprehensive and easy-to-digest information in two languages, i.e. English and Spanish. It’s perfect for patients, their friends and families as well as professional caregivers.

You can learn about the latest medical treatments on MedlinePlus, along with access to information on different supplements and drugs, different medical terms and their meanings, medical illustrations and videos, clinical trials, as well as links to the latest research in the field of medicine. The site curates customer health information and bifurcates them into categories like genetics, health and wellness information, drugs and supplements, medical encyclopedia articles, medical tests, and even healthy recipes for all.  Visit Site is a surprisingly thorough pharmaceutical encyclopedia on the internet that provides free information on medications for healthcare workers as well as patients. When you look up medicine, the pages help you get an in-depth understanding of the same by listing the use of the specific drug, its side effects, dosage as well as how does it interact with other supplements or medicines. The search bar of the website allows you to browse for different conditions as well as drugs, but a great feature is the Pill Identifier which finds legal medicines and supplements based on their names or appearances in the US.

It also comes with an option to make phonetic searches, which seems to be quite helpful as people may find drug names difficult to pronounce, confusing, and long often. The Pro section of the website assists health professionals in treatment and medicine search. The drug database of the medical portal is powered by IBM Micromedex, Cerner Multum, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and medicine labels approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Visit Site


National Institutes of Health

When it comes to reading and learning about overall health and well-being, along with detailed medical information, different diseases, as well as the latest research in the field of medicine, the National Institutes of Health has got you covered. If you are looking to understand a medical condition, the website provides you with detailed research about the same, ranging from the causes to the specific treatments, also linking to other authentic web sources that may concern the subject. It has also got wellness toolkits, clinical research trials, and community resources, while also letting you find different health services according to your needs.  Visit Site


Smart Patients

Initially, Smart Patients was established as a tool to empower cancer patients and the community, but today it’s one of the most amazing resources for health information concerning numerous conditions and diseases. The website has got a wide online circle of healthcare professionals, patients, as well as families who communicate and learn about different clinical trials, treatments, and new medical developments from each other and their experiences.

While you need to register and log in to be a part of this helpful community, it’s quite easy to get it all done and have access to lots of useful information. The whole idea behind establishing the community was to allow patients to share their individual knowledge on their health conditions and work as a guide for one another.  Visit Site


Heart Hub

As the name suggests, this website revolves around heart health and offers just about everything that concerns the subject. Actually, it’s the online space of The American Heart Association dedicated to heart patients who are looking for information on heart problems, while also getting access to different exercise regimes, healthy recipes, videos, and health advice. A special feature to mention is the Heart360 which allows the patients to track their diet, exercise, and blood pressure, while also learning about their weight and treatments.  Visit Site



Headed by an analyst superstar and one of the top scientists around the globe, Dr. Eric Topol, is the go-to page for medical professionals, clinicians, and as well as for the regular audience looking for health research. The platform features rich articles, medical news updates, drug development updates, and a thorough clinical trial coverage, thereby being an extremely reliable source of information concerning health-related subjects. In fact, the organization also educates healthcare professionals and physicians.

Whenever you need to check about a certain health condition or simply want to research different drugs and medicines, you will surely find what you are looking for on one or more of these top health sites for home research. However, it’s essential to get your specific condition accessed and diagnosed at an individual level. That’s why, once you have done your initial research online, it’s always recommended to head to your doctor if you are facing any serious symptoms or feel unhealthy.  Visit Site