Listen up: The fashion sector is one of the top three biggest polluters on the planet!

But thanks to the new sustainability trend in fashion, consumers don’t have to be part of the problem anymore.

Thankfully for you, that’s where natural fiber comes in.

From organic cotton to healing hemp, find out five reasons natural fibers are healthier than synthetics below!


  • Better Comfort and Quality

When it comes to the age-old “natural vs. synthetic” debate, it’s no surprise that organic fibers are a much wiser investment for your closet.

Even though they’re generally more expensive, you’re almost guaranteed to keep them for years to come, thanks to their:

  • Natural breathability
  • High absorbency
  • Incredible insulation

Pro tip: Our favorite natural fibers for clothing are silk, wool, and linen!


  • Healthier For the Planet

Think about it this way. Natural fibers are much more biodegradable than synthetic ones, meaning that they’re easier to recycle when their time is done.

Since they come from Mother Earth, plastic-free fabrics will return to their natural state faster than other fabrics.

P.S. Synthetic fibers are made of plastic, so they’re more likely to keep our landfills full!


  • Fewer Microplastics

Even though it’s cheaper to manufacture, synthetic clothing is more harmful to the environment than you’d think. That’s because it’s infused with tiny “micro-beads,” which are almost invisible to the human eye.

Unfortunately, these micro-beads are shed every time you wash your synthetic clothes, which can impact a water supply near you.

On the bright side: Natural clothing has fewer microplastics, meaning less plastic in our drinking water and oceans!


  • Fewer Fossil Fuels

Sadly, humans are already consuming way too many natural resources than we should be, which is an unsustainable option for the planet.

On the flip side, some natural resources can be regrown and replenished quickly. But others, like fossil fuels, are only available in limited supply.

Fun fact: Natural clothing has a smaller carbon footprint, making it a more sustainable and chic option!


  • Empowers Farmers

Last but not least, natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp can empower farmers. Rather than relying on cold, programmed machines to process your clothing, you’ll know that your clothes were made with love instead.

Bonus: Besides helping them avoid bankruptcy, natural fiber farms also allow farmhands to pass down timeless traditions!

How can you possibly beat that?


Keep It Natural With Healthy Fibers


Still not sure why you need to keep it natural with healthy fibers?

We’ve got you covered!

Not only are natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp better for the globe, but they also empower local farmers around the world.

In addition to this, natural fibers don’t shed as many microplastics into our water supply either. And who wouldn’t want that?

The only tricky part is choosing the most excellent natural fiber for you!

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