Foods To Help Fight Cancer

Have you ever wondered which foods could help fight or prevent cancer? Dr. William Li’s book Eat to Beat Disease shows us which ones can. In this article we’ll look at foods which starve cancerous cells while fighting cancer and explain how we can consume these powerful cancer fighting nutrients.

What Are Anti-Cancer Foods?

Anti-cancer food can be an effective tool in combating cancer. Anti-Cancer foods contain vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants which may provide protection from disease in general – including cancer.

Dark leafy greens and cruciferous veggies such as Broccoli and Cauliflower as well as brightly colored fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds can all provide anti-cancer benefits, making a variety of foods part of an anti-cancer diet essential in warding off this deadly illness.


How Can Anti-Cancer Foods Work?

Foods designed to fight cancer help your body fight diseases more effectively by providing powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals which could potentially cause cancer or cell damage. Many of these foods also contain compounds which may starve cancerous cells and prevent their spread.


What Is Angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels within the body. This process helps cancer cells spread by creating pathways for them to travel through.

These foods include dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and brightly-colored fruits and vegetables. Some examples are dark leafy vegetables, cruciferous veggies and brightly colored fruits and vegetables.


Foods To Starve Cancer Cells

Cancer cells may be deterred by certain powerful anti-cancer foods. Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts contain compounds which inhibit cancer cell spread by stopping their blood vessel formation, helping keep cancerous tumors at bay.

Dark leafy greens like Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard contain compounds which target cancer cells to help stop their proliferation and spread.

These foods are packed with antioxidants and can help fight cancer. Their anti-oxidant content neutralizes free radicals while reducing inflammation, while simultaneously strengthening immunity.


Organic Foods And Non-GMO Foods

When selecting anticancer foods, it is crucial that they be organic and non GMO as these may contain potentially toxic chemicals harmful to our bodies. Diets with non-GMO and organically produced foods provide optimal nutrition.



Consuming foods that support cancer prevention or reverse can be key in protecting yourself against cancer and its progression. Understanding which types of foods fight cancer, their mechanism of action, and why non-GMO organic food is so valuable will allow you to optimize their benefits.

Discover which foods help fight cancer by reading Eat to Beat Disease, by Dr. William Li and the American Institute for Cancer Research or the National Cancer Institute.

Understanding how foods can aid in fighting cancer will enable you to ensure that your body receives all of the nutrition it requires to remain healthy and cancer-free.